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The People You Meet

In 2013 I took a 3-month sabbatical and decided to write a book. It's 2020, and I'm not yet an author so as you've probably guessed the book didn't quite make it! The premise of the book was simple:

Life is a teacher if you're willing to take the lesson

I wrote 20,000 words about the amazing people I've met on my journey through life and the one lesson I've taken from their journey. Then, I chickened out! Wow. The confession is real!

I've re-read these chapters and realised the lessons still hold true today. So, although I'm a little late, I thought I would share them in a blog series called - The people you meet! But first, the introduction... enjoy.


I'm not sure what motivated me to start this book. It could be an inspiring TED Talk I watched recently. It could be my desire to write a book but not being sure what to write about. Maybe it's my passion for storytelling and the power it holds. But whatever it is, here I am with a blank piece of paper sitting in a Starbucks, 10 thousand kilometres from home, feeling more at home than ever.

There is something homey and centering about writing. As the thoughts fly from the mind to the page, it creates order and peace in my otherwise creative and slightly manic brain. The challenge is, what to write... I could write about anything. On a regular day as I walk down the street beginnings of stories or movie scripts start writing themselves in my head. I think it's my brain's way of making sense of the world and my current surroundings. This morning as I walked through Little Italy, the story of my mind began with a young girl that was struggling to make sense of the world. She was off to seek wisdom from the world around her and the people it contained. As I began to ponder this plot, I thought about all the people from my journey that I would introduce her to if the opportunity should arise. Nassoro, Candice, Tommy, Richard, Abdul & Uma, James, Jennie, Ryan, Abond, Davina. The list goes on. Each of these amazing people, and so many many more, had a profound impact on my life. They have taught me invaluable lessons about life and the human values that hold true regardless of status, culture or creed.

The one truth that I have learned thus far as I have travelled through life is that if you position yourself as a student of the world and its people you can learn from anyone and everyone. My youngest teacher, that springs to mind, is my friends 1-year-old BraveryP. Bravery waves farewell to people with a smile on his face regardless of whether he spent the day playing with them or they just happen to be a passer-by. He notices people. ALL people, people that have the tendency to become part of the scenery of my life as I run through it at a chaotic pace.

So this book is a tribute to all my teachers great and small, known and unknown, educated and uneducated. You have shaped my world view. You have taught me how to love unconditionally. You have held me up when the world has felt like it was crashing down around me. You have taught me how to punch through a wave of fear with a surge of courage.

This story does not have a beginning, a middle and an end... In fact, I have no idea as I start to write whether the chapters will appear in the same order as they were written. All I know is that this wisdom, knowledge and simple truth bestowed upon me is worth sharing with the world. So, whether you start this book from the beginning or open the text in the middle and start reading, I hope you fall in love with these beautiful people. I hope you allow them and their lesson to impact your life as much as they have mine. They are not perfect by any means... No one is... But they have something to share with you if you choose

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