The Story Behind The Campaign


February 11th is the International Day of Women in Science. There are so many international days, if we sat down and thought about it I am sure we could find one for EVERY day of the year. But, this one captivates my attention. I AM A SCIENTIST. 

On this day in 2021, I posted this photo on social media along with a snippet of my struggle and journey towards embracing my scientist identity. In parallel, the UN WOMEN posted an exert from Yin Bian, Sarah- Jane Leslie and Andrei Cimpian’s research stating that by the age of 6, girls already consider boys more likely to show brilliance and more suited to “really, really smart” activities than their own gender.

I was floored. I did not realize it started THIS YOUNG. I’ve always struggled with integrating my identity as a GIRL and a DOCTOR, A GIRL and a SCIENTIST, a GIRL and SMART.  I do not know why or where it comes from (yet!) but it is and has been a very, very real struggle AND I am fortunate enough to PERSONALLY know many many amazing doctors, scientists, dentists, data scientists, engineers, psychologists, biologists, psychiatrists, computer scientists and mathematicians who are also incredible GIRLS (or WOMEN if they prefer!). I can not imagine how other young girls and women like me struggle to make it through without the incredible role models, mentors, peers and friends I’ve had….

So, I decided to share my amazing friends with the world, through the I AM A GIRL campaign.

I am not a marketer or branding guru. I am a LEARNING SCIENTIST, so I have built this campaign on the best learning science has to offer. I’ve gathered an amazing collection of friends from all over the world to join me, share our stories and maybe, just maybe inspire the next generation of GIRLS who are intellectual badasses!