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Hi, I'm Dr. Nikki James! I'm still getting used to the DR part, so excuse me if I write it a few too many times as I let it sink in.  

Thank you, for showing an interest in my work and stopping by my website. Since I was a young girl growing up on the beaches north of Sydney, Australia, I've been passionate about helping people learn and grow. Since then I have taught everything from ballet to rock climbing, marketing to learning science, and everything in between.

I believe there is both an art and a science to learning, and in order to improve our educational systems, we need to leverage both the creativity and beauty of art and the precision and rigor of science. Each is powerful in its own right, but used together they result in exponential momentum towards change. 

In 2021, my goal is to share insights from my rigorous learning science research AND sparks of inspiration as I traverse this incredible planet and work alongside equally passionate educators and world changers. If you want to stay up to date with what I am learning please subscribe to my blog below. I'd love for you to join the adventure. 


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Boston, MA, USA

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